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What is court reporting?

Court reporting involves transcribing spoken or recorded speech into written form, typically during legal proceedings like depositions, court hearings, and trials.

What is the difference between machine and voice stenography?

Machine stenography involves using a shorthand machine, while voice writing uses voice recognition technology. Both methods capture spoken words accurately and are accepted as forms of legal transcription in the State of California.

Do you offer digital "reporters"?

No. Regal Court Reporting will never risk your discovery process. Digital, while seemingly convenient, introduces risks of inaccuracies, unreliable transcripts, and potential legal challenges.

How do I schedule a court reporter?

Email your details such as the date, time, location, and any specific requirements to  Regal will then assign a qualified court reporter to your proceeding.

When will I receive my transcript?

**For DEPOSITIONS - Standard delivery is 2 weeks from the date of deposition.

**For ARBITRATIONS & COURT (TRIALS & HEARINGS) - Standard delivery is 30 DAYS from the date of orderNOT THE DATE OF THE PROCEEDING

How do you become a certified court reporter (CSR)?

We love to help prospective students start their journey in court reporting.  For a list of resources and information about getting started please email We cant wait to hear from you! 

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