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Crafting a Legacy in
Court Reporting

Large portrait of the co-founders

Partners in
Life and Business

Isaiah and Stephanie Leslie form the dynamic husband-and-wife team propelling Regal Court Reporting, a certified shorthand reporter-owned and operated agency. Their journey began several years before Regal's inception, marking what sets this agency apart in today's industry landscape. In 2007, with Stephanie's three years of reporting experience and Isaiah embarking on a career in sales and marketing, they founded Regal Court Reporting. Their complementary skills forged the company's distinctive identity—dedicated to fulfilling the comprehensive needs of any law firm with the personalized touch and care inherent in a family-owned business. Simultaneously, they are advocates for the future of their profession, contributing to the court reporting community through education and advocacy.

Throughout the years, the twin pillars of Customer Care and Court Reporter Care have compelled them to adapt to evolving landscapes both in California and nationwide. This adaptation includes embracing new and improved technologies for depositions, hearings, motions, trials, and arbitrations. Regal Court Reporting continually expands its services, incorporating advancements such as Trial Technology and remote deposition e-suites, empowering clients to manage their legal matters more efficiently. Beyond their business scope, Regal actively engages with community partners to address the broader needs of the legal community at local, state, and federal levels. Advocacy efforts extend to Sacramento and Washington D.C., where they champion legislation aimed at advancing the court reporting profession and enhancing access to justice. Their involvement in the state-wide trade association, the Deposition Reporters Association of California, exemplifies their commitment to industry collaboration. Additionally, participating in career fairs at high schools, colleges, and trade associations showcases their dedication to raising awareness about the court reporting profession. Stephanie's hands-on approach, working directly with clients, reflects the unwavering commitment to ensuring no need goes unfulfilled.

Regal Court Reporting sees itself as stewards of their profession, recognizing an obligation to leave it in a better state than when they started. In today's landscape, they offer an alternative to large, impersonal corporations—a family-centric environment for lawyers and reporters who value and appreciate being appreciated.

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