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What our clients say about us:

"I have worked with Stephanie, Isaiah, and the team at Regal for years, and always find them to be highly responsive, courteous, and exceedingly reliable. I highly recommend them and encourage others to use them as well."

Garrett Fahy, Esq.

"I've been working with Regal Court Reporting for years, and they are just the best. Quality reporters and nice, responsive service. Highly recommended."

Law Office of David E. Libman, APC

"Their professionalism, attention to detail and absolute competence set them apart from any other court reporting agency."

Rose Amezcua-Moll,Esq.

"Isaiah’s company is top notch. I use Regal for all of my depositions and they always arrive 15 minutes early and do an outstanding job. I highly recommend this company."

Brent Caldwell, Esq.

"...if the court reporter is good and does not break the flow, that's when the magic occurs."

David Robinson, 
Enterprise Counsel Group

"I met Isaiah a few years ago. He is so adamant and it's so important to him to maintain a quality of service and a quality of professionalism in the business that he runs."

Nicole Lahmani, 
lead counsel of Lamani Law

"They are very responsive to my needs, my firm's needs, whether it's a paralegal from my office calling or a partner like myself. They give us the same amount of respect and they get the job done."

Simon Budhwani, 
partner at Core
 Law Group


"You have enough on your plate as a litigator. You want to work with a service provider that on the back end of their house everything's in order and you can trust that they're going to deliver."

Darrell White, 
partner AT Kimura London and White

They can place people in different parts of the country, but I think it's the consistency of the product. The people that work for them seem to be a cut above anyone else that we've worked with, and we get professional, high-quality service, no matter where. where the deposition may be taking place.

Mike FitzGerald, 
senior partner with the law firm of Fitzgerald Yap and Kreditor

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