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What is a Document Deposition?

In legal proceedings, document depositions play a crucial role in collecting relevant documents requested by a subpoena. As a neutral third party, we take charge of the collection process and deliver the documents to the attorney who issued the subpoena. This ensures that all requested documents are handled in a fair and impartial manner, promoting transparency and accountability in legal proceedings.

Producing Records

Issuing the Subpoena

Issue a subpoena specifying the documents needed for the case. 

Gathering Documents

Collected documents are indexed and organized to facilitate easy retrieval and presentation during legal proceedings.


 Once gathered and organized, the documents are delivered to the attorney who issued the subpoena.

Stack of Files


Regal Court Reporting takes pride in being the trusted and impartial third party that you can rely on for handling document depositions. Our deposition officers are designed to ensure a seamless and efficient process for collecting essential documents. With a commitment to professionalism and accuracy, we facilitate document depositions with precision, providing a comprehensive service that aligns with the highest standards in the legal industry. Whether you're navigating complex legal proceedings or require meticulous documentation, Regal Court Reporting is your partner in maintaining the integrity of the deposition process.

Please email the supenoa and records to

Learn how to Subpoena Official Records

If you're seeking more information on subpoenas in California, the California courts provide valuable resources to guide you through the process. The California Courts website offers detailed information on subpoena issuance, service, and compliance. You can find official forms, procedural guidelines, and legal requirements pertaining to subpoenas.

Whether you're a legal professional navigating the intricacies of the legal system or an individual seeking to understand your rights and obligations, the California Courts website is a reliable source to access comprehensive information on subpoenas and related legal procedures. Explore the dedicated section on subpoenas to ensure you have the knowledge and tools necessary for effective legal processes in the state.

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