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Court Reporting

In collaboration with our community partners, we can locate a certified court reporter in most regions of California!



Eric Francisconi, Esq.

"I use Regal exclusively for all of my court reporting needs, and have for many years now. They are very well managed and very dependable. I can rely upon them to provide excellent reporters - for both in-person and remote proceedings - for depositions, court hearings, and arbitrations. They don't use a confusing, proprietary system for logging into or presenting exhibits in remote depositions, which makes the process so much easier for me. We get quality transcripts on time every time. They have never let me down!"


Before you begin, make sure you have these details:


Notice / Caption

This document outlines important details such as the date, time, and location of the deposition, as well as the names of the individuals being deposed and their respective roles in the case.


Estimated Start / End time

Knowing the expected duration of the deposition helps to manage scheduling logistics, such as arranging for court reporters, interpreters, and other necessary personnel to be present for the entire proceeding.


Taking attorney

Proper documentation and record-keeping streamline scheduling, logistics coordination, and preparation for proceedings.


List of additional services 

(Videographer, Realtime, Interpreter, Videoconference Equipment, Exhibit Technician, etc.)

 If the service you need is required within the next 2 business days, please call 866.228.2685

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