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Machine Stenography


What is machine stenography?

Stenography is the practice of writing or transcribing spoken language into a written form using a system of shorthand symbols, abbreviations, or a specialized machine or keyboard. Stenographers, also known as court reporters or shorthand reporters, are trained professionals who use stenographic techniques to create accurate and concise transcripts of spoken content, such as conversations, meetings, legal proceedings, and more.


Stenography is the GOLD standard:


Verbatim Recording: Stenographers aim to capture spoken words and sounds precisely, ensuring that the transcript is a verbatim record of what was said.


Real-Time Transcription: Stenographers are capable of transcribing spoken words in real time, making it possible to provide immediate written records of events or proceedings.


Efficiency: Stenographers can transcribe spoken content quickly and accurately, valuable in situations where a high degree of accuracy and speed is required.


Accuracy: Stenography minimizes errors and omissions that can occur in standard note-taking or recording.


Confidentiality: Stenographers are bound by ethical standards to maintain the confidentiality of the content they transcribe.

Accuracy Matters

There are various methods employed to capture the record, yet only two uphold the gold standard in court reporting. Machine and voice stenography represent licensed professionals who have undergone rigorous and specialized training to ensure the utmost accuracy and precision in transcribing legal proceedings. When you choose Regal Court Reporting, you can trust in the proficiency of our stenographers, committed to delivering excellence in every transcript.

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