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Protecting the Record

With a steadfast commitment to accuracy and reliability, our seasoned professionals ensure that every word uttered during legal proceedings is meticulously documented. We understand the critical importance of a precise record, and our court reporters undergo rigorous testing and adhere to stringent state rules, ensuring accountability in delivering accurate and reliable transcripts. 

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We embarked on the journey of establishing Regal Court Reporters right from our home, fueled by the ambitious belief that a young court reporter and her sales-savvy husband could not only thrive in the industry but also leave a lasting impact. Our venture began as a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the field we are passionate about.

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We are dedicated to supporting your discovery process through collaborative efforts.


We uphold unwavering standards in quality, adhere to governing codes, and maintain transparency with clients regarding coverage and rates.


Our commitment lies in Quality Reporters, Legal Standards, Accuracy, and Industry Excellence.


Regal Court Reporting is driven by a vision centered around a passion for the precision delivered by stenographers. Recognizing them as the gold standard, we are committed to ensuring that your legal proceedings are meticulously preserved, adhering to the highest standards of accuracy for future reference. Trust us for excellence in court reporting services.

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Regal Court Reporting holds a steadfast commitment to continuously improving the state of the court reporting industry. Moreover, our dedication extends beyond professional excellence; we are fervently committed to actively contributing to and enhancing the well-being of the communities we serve. This dual commitment forms the foundation of our values, propelling us to strive for continuous improvement and positive impact in both our professional and community engagements.



Eric Francisconi, Esq.

"I use Regal exclusively for all of my court reporting needs, and have for many years now. They are very well managed and very dependable. I can rely upon them to provide excellent reporters - for both in-person and remote proceedings - for depositions, court hearings, and arbitrations. They don't use a confusing, proprietary system for logging into or presenting exhibits in remote depositions, which makes the process so much easier for me. We get quality transcripts on time every time. They have never let me down!"


Dedication beyond

Regal Court Reporting is resolutely committed to leaving a mark on the court reporting industry, aspiring to elevate it to new heights and standards of excellence. Our dedication extends beyond the confines of professional pursuits, reaching into the heart of the communities we are privileged to serve.

Recognizing the pivotal role education plays in the growth of our industry, Regal actively engages in supporting aspiring court reporters as they embark on their educational journey and transition into fulfilling careers. This multifaceted dedication underscores our mission to not only contribute to the industry's evolution but also to empower individuals and foster growth within the communities that form the fabric of our professional landscape.

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